At Doyle & Wachtstetter, Inc. our number one goal is client satisfaction. We use our expertise and knowledge of engineering and design practices to assist in and facilitate the design, construction, and verification of a diverse range of projects. Our vast experience throughout the history of our company and staff allows us the ability to offer our clients not only typical surveying solutions, but also a wide range of engineering support services including access to the knowledge of our licensed survey professionals, our experienced drafting and design department and our seasoned project managers with experience in a diverse range of construction and engineering projects. A brief sample of the engineering and design services we offer includes but is not limited to the following: preliminary site information for pre-construction planning, pre and post construction comparison for site management or environmental concerns, engineering design verification to ensure projects follow standards and requirements, we supply accurate information for construction progress monitoring, our staff is composed of experienced construction site professionals who are able to aid in the interpretation and execution of field operations and management, we are able to collect precision data for design or engineering calculations including current site conditions, elevation data, improvements, stockpile surveys, drainage and utility mapping, we utilize our knowledge of mapping and utilities for design and routing of new construction or expansion projects, we are familiar with and can interpret or convert data projections from local and geodetic datasets to site or state plane coordinates to ensure data from multiple sources can be included in projects.