Precise and accurate surveying plays a vital role in the process of successful construction projects. Mistakes can lead to costly delays and rework due to improper procedures or lack of quality control. We offer a variety of services to enable construction projects to move forward with the confidence provided by an experienced survey staff that is dedicated to ensuring the client's needs and requirements are met.

A few of our services include design and infrastructure monitoring for large or small projects, as-built surveys for post construction mapping and records, construction layout/staking services or secondary checks, stockpile and land volumes for verification or planning, project consulting and design support or certification, permitting support, design and tolerance verification services (quality assurance/quality control), preliminary and post-construction equipment and progress monitoring.

We are able to cater to a variety of projects, large or small including various commercial projects, industrial parks or complexes, petrochemical downstream operations, chemical plants, tank farms, and pipelines.